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A good quality logo is a process that should not be overlooked. Many new business owners who shop for a logo start by shopping by price. Though price is important, it's not advisable to make price your only factor.

Here are some key factors you should expect when having a professional logo designed:
Most logo designers should start with basic research of their logo ideas. If they do not, they risk making a mistake by creating a logo that conflicts with another company's trademarked logo.

A logo design should be a process of not just a single logo but a variety of logos you can choose from. Many business owners who are un-aware of this process purchase a single logo design because of it's cost, only to discover they do not like the logo that was developed.

You should also ensure your logo can be trademarked. If you get denied a trademark, that means your logo is already infringing on a copyright.

Make sure your logo is designed using a vector artwork program such as Adobe Illustrator. Logos should never be designed using Photoshop. Vector images can be resized to any size required.

A logo should be simple in design but appealing to the eye. Too much detail or graphics can make your logo look distorted when small or viewed at a distance.

Make sure you get 3 variations of your final logo:

your full color logo

  • light color logo for dark backgrounds

  • dark color logo for light backgrounds

Ensure your logo is relevant to your business and know what the story behind the logo means. If your logo doesn't have any kind of story behind it, then you might be at risk of having a weak logo.

A logo must be able to stand the test of time, no matter how the culture and technology changes. When you have a timeless logo, you have a strong brand identity!

And the most important rule of all is that the logo MUST be memorable. Memorable means recognizable. Recognizable logos will instill trust in your products or services.

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